Coming into camp, I was full of fear and anxiety, but I left feeling open, courageous and secure in myself and my abilities. Camp is a safe place to explore the depths of your heart, lean into your strengths as well as weaknesses and be involved in a community of people who want to see you grow and be your best self.
— Minaa B
The Imperfect Boss Camp is possibly the most magical, life-affirming experience I’ve had as an adult. Truthfully, I was nervous to travel across the country and into the woods with dozens of strangers, but the moment I met everyone, any fears or hesitations I had fell away. I’ve never felt so SEEN in my life. Every moment was thoughtfully and intentionally crafted, and the result was an instant community full of authentic, imperfect, beautiful, welcoming and creative women. I feel forever changed by some of the conversations I had. If you feel that inner nudge to attend, listen to that tug. You won’t regret it!
— Caroline Zook
Camp is this heart-opening experience that challenges you to be vulnerable and see the magic within. It’s scary, but you quickly realize that you’re NOT ALONE in your insecurities, your challenges, your life. There’s a sisterhood waiting to have your back! Just let them in and let yourself feel that Hogwarts-sorta light. ;)
— Daniela Ramos

I felt more at home in my own skin leaving camp than when I arrived. That sense of confidence and that ability to get to know myself could have only come from a safe, open space like the one found at camp. If you want to step bravely into confidence, courage, and community, then the Imperfect Boss Camp is for you!
— Bonnie Bahktiari
It will change your life. It will enrich your relationships. It will teach you about who you are and what you were put on this earth to do. It will lead you to even deeper impact and greatness. It will remind you of your inherent value. It’s a MUST attend event!
— Ashton smith
The Imperfect Boss Camp changed my life. It reminded me of my worth and what kind of person I want to be in the world. I walked away with friendships that I know will be with me for a lifetime and a belief in my worth that has already impacted every aspect of my life and business.
— Sarajane Case

DO IT. {Insert Shia Labeouf GIF} But seriously, this is unlike any other conference you will ever attend. It’s challenging and cathartic and exactly what you need if you want to own your shit and actually do something meaningful with your work.
— Meghan Hartman
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Camp is for the weary woman with an entrepreneur’s heart who is craving confidence in a world that wants to do everything it can to stifle that growth. The support and love you’ll feel from the moment you land in Canada is unlike any conference you’ll ever experience. The Imperfect Boss Camp helps redefine what is means to be blissfully imperfect and gives women the courage to keep pushing through. You can’t pour out unless someone has poured in. That’s exactly what this camp will do.
— LaShonda Delivuk
It’s a magical experience. You’ll be affected in soulful ways that take a bit to process because it’s anything but surface level. You’ll meet incredible women (Ashley has a way of bringing together the best of the best) with incredible hearts who are doing incredible things in the world. You’ll go outside your comfort zone and find a home there. You’ll be inspired. You’ll be uplifted. You’ll be changed.
— Allison Burns

You’ll never have another experience quite like it. To be met in this magical place with such openness and acceptance and with such vulnerability from others; I promise, there’s no way you can leave it unchanged in some gut-level way.
— Rene Robinson
If you are looking for a place to feel seen and known, then this is IT! I felt at home with total strangers the moment I hopped on the three hour bus ride to head to camp. Come to camp if you are looking for a place where you can belong 100% as yourself. It will be worth every single penny because you will walk away with friends who make you feel like you can do anything.
— carrie grace
I am actively listening more now, and find myself showing up for myself more. This experience will change your life. it can’t be explained, it has to be experienced.
— Amber Robinson

People say it’s really difficult to make friends in adulthood. Camp is the opposite. You make friends instantly, and they are REAL friendships, because they’re based on mutual truth sharing and connection. Confronting your own challenges and barriers can be difficult, but at Camp, you’re among friends. You’re in a really welcoming space and you can be honest with yourself and others without judgment. Go. To. Camp!
— Melissa Claire
It showed me some of the lies and insecurities I’m still working through while being in a really supportive community. Over and over again, I saw people serve each other and help each other with what they needed. I absolutely came back with a refreshed perspective of how I want to keep my business others-focused but do it in a much bigger way.
— Kayla Hollatz
If you’re looking for real connections and to lift your heart, go. If you want to see real life badass bosses, go—they’re just like you! If you’re struggling and feel alone in your journey, go! If you want to get out of your comfort zone, go! Come as you are, where you are without expectations but with an open heart and mind. This is like a 4-day slumber party-girl’s night out- therapeutic camp, that no matter what, you will without a doubt leave with something special.
— Donaji Mejia

I arrived feeling a little bit insecure about myself,and my work. But I left feeling inspired, motivated, confident, full of love, and empowered. This is where you will find the answers inside you and where you will find the inspiration and support around you, so you can let out all that light that you have. Once you attend, you’ll be forever changed.
— julissa batista
It’s an unforgettable experience that will leave you changed. Be ready to confront your own self and leave with a new outlook. Be ready to shed your old stories and leave renewed. Be ready for true connections, because we ain’t playin’ at camp. You will be seen, you will be known and you will be loved.
— Brianne Wik
If you want to stay the same then don’t come! Camp will bring up stuff you didn’t know existed, provide opportunities for deep connection and give you the space to reflect, heal and grow in powerful ways.
— Kathryn Hofer

Camp is and was hands down the most incredible week of my almost-thirty years of life so far. Every moment was a powerful experience that gave me so much life. I watched beautiful strangers become friends and I witnessed myself break open unlike ever before. I left camp changed. If you’re ready and willing, sister, this is your loving, safe, empowered space to break open and bloom.
— Lauren Frontiera
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If you want to feel the ground beneath you shake in the ways that allow you to find your roots and ground down with even more stability, determination, and connection, then you need to be at camp. If you want overwhelming transformation, to face yourself and feel seen in a safe space then you need to be at camp. If you want to feel unstoppable, capable, and fully human then you need to be at camp. If you want a safe space to be imperfect then you need to be at camp!
— Danielle Joseph
Regardless of industry, this experience will change you. It will move you, inspire you, and most importantly create a space where you can truly be yourself and feel loved and accepted. In a world of comparison, you will feel so entirely “enough” and so very free from the things that weigh you down in your every day life. Don’t hesitate; camp is 100% for YOU.
— Laylee Emadi

It’s the most creative and uplifting environment you will ever experience. These women don’t just bring a head full of knowledge, but they bring a heart full of love, kindness, confidence, and bravery that they are more than willing to share with the rest of the world. You leave there with a bit of each person in your soul, changed for the better.
— Karen Byker
If you’re looking for an event where you actually have time to connect with the other attendees and can leave feeling like you made real friends (because everyone here gets you), or if you’re sick of going to conferences where you’re stuck in one room listening to speakers for 8 hours straight or if you know that being a business owner means you need to take care of yourself, and if you want to go to an event where you can HAVE FUN, then, you need to be a part of this magical experience. I already know I’m going back next year!
— Nevica Vazquez
When I came to camp, I met all the wonderful people and felt so inspired, supported, and free to just be me. You get to camp as one and leave as a better version of yourself with so many new friends and more wisdom. There is no space for judgment or comparison only for empowerment and love!
— Levana Melamed